Mobile Electro-Optical Systems

RBOX Electro-Optical Surveillance Roof Box System

Mobile electro-optical surveillance system is successfully used for monitoring and surveillance of areas of interest such as boundary lines, airports, coastal areas and other areas with increased demands for flexible protection against penetration by intruders during day or/and night time.

Portable roof box system can be installed on the roof of almost any vehicle (passanger car, SUV, van), which has enough space for the installation. It can be easily dismounted and transferred to another car if needed.

Basic configuration comprises pan and tilt positioner, sensor container with cooled or uncooled thermal camera, day/night HD camera and operators console, power supply pack and laser range finder as optional equipment with range to 6 km for MIRA series (version S and M). Optionally, the MIRA and SIRIUS series systems can be equipped with DMC and GNSS modules.

According to selected configuration the roof box is available in electro-optical systems LIRA series, MIRA series (version S, M and L) and SIRIUS series (version S and M) with a choice of several types of unstabilized pan and tilt positioners.

Notice: Roof box dimensions and final weight depends on chosen box.

Notice: Due to the location of the system in the roof box, the range of movement of the pan and tilt positioner is limited.