Mobile Electro-Optical Systems

SMV Surveillance and Monitoring Vehicles

Surveillance and Monitoring Vehicles (SMV) are capable of detecting intruders, vehicles and other objects of interest in adverse weather conditions and difficult terrain over a distance of more than 25 km according to selected configuration.

The vehicle with just two operators is able to control and protect several hundreds of square km thus it can make significant savings in human resources and other expenses. It can respond rapidly to any event in the area of interest and therefore it prevents the action of intruders very quickly.

Surveillance and Monitoring Vehicles increase security of areas of interest such as border lines, airports, coastal areas and other areas with high demands for flexible protection against penetration by intruders during day or/and night time.

Surveillance and Monitoring Vehicles are equipped with EOS, radio, independent power source, generator and optionally with radar. They are designed and produced according to customer´s requirements, so there is no need to keep and maintain a range of vehicles with different devices.

The vehicle systems can be implemented in any type of a vehicle which has sufficient space needed for installation. Even after a complete modification the basic outline of most vehicles remains unchanged keeping EOS well hidden. Featuring a modular and compact design, the systems have low power consumption.

Basic configuration:

  • vehicle according to customer´s requirements,
  • lifting mechanism,
  • direction and position pan/tilt usually equipped with IR cooled camera, HD daylight camera, laser rangefinder, GPS and digital magnetic compass,
  • vehicle self-protection system (eg. PIR sensors, inbuilt cameras or seismic system),
  • control and display system, running a high-performance SW with optional digital maps and a gamut of basic and ancillary functions,
  • monitors,
  • video recording system.


Main features of mobile monitoring system:

  • capable of driving on public roads, outside them as well as in the specific border area conditions,
  • detects targets in the area of interest using the real time passive detection principle through electro-optical system,
  • displays targets in the real time,
  • records the video sequences for later playback,
  • provides the power needed for correct function of the equipment / systems for surveillance and control.


Optional features:

  • communicates over the radio with the Command Centre and the patrol and the intervention unit,
  • records verbal comments,
  • utilizes digital maps in cooperation with GPS and DMC to display a current location,
  • vehicle can be equipped with ground surveillance radar which cooperates with electro-optical system,
  • vehicle can be connected to city surveillance system.