Accessories - SW, Operator Console, Cables, GNSS, DMC, LRF, Electrical Mast

RCM Software

RCM is a solution for control of surveillance systems. Windows based application gives you an opportunity to fully operate complete system. Via RCM you can control all features of devices mounted on the system such as Daylight and IR cameras, LRF, GPS, DMC etc. By means of LRF you can calculate an intruder’s coordinates. You can see real-time video that can be saved to HDD for future use or you can take a snapshot. RCM application has a lot of already implemented devices, but it is possible to implement a new one upon the request.

Standard functionality

  • Full control of Pan/Tilt and devices
  • North finding procedure with DMC
  • Live video display
  • Scanning program
  • Recording video
  • Creating screenshots
  • Displaying captured video and screenshots
  • Drawing the camera crosshair
  • Joystick simulation with mouse
  • Panoramic window


Optional modules

  • Motion detection alarm
  • Stabilization
  • Tracking
  • Raster maps
  • Vector maps (MapInfo format)
  • User management
  • Foreign language