MSO Pan Tilt Positioner

MSO-2A Pan Tilt Positioner

MSO-2A is servo driven two-axis pan tilt positioner. It is designed and engineered specially for short and middle range electro-optical surveillance systems, which demand rotation in the azimuth and the elevation with a good accuracy and good angle speed.

This pan and tilt mechanism can control up to five sensors like day /night camera, cooled or uncooled thermal imaging camera (IR camera), laser range finder (LRF), GPS and digital magnetic compass (DMC).

Optionally sensor interface 1000BASE-T.

MSO-2A pan tilt complies with criteria of EN 61000, MIL-STD-810 and MIL-STD-461.


Motion Range
Azimuth n x 360°
Elevation ±40°
Angular Speed
Azimuth 0.03 °/s to 70 °/s
Elevation 0.03 °/s to 30 °/s
Positioning Accuracy ≤±0.5 mrad
Payload max. 20 kg (CoG – 200 mm above the elevation axis)
Control Interface Ethernet TCP/IP (RS-422)*
Sensor Interface 5x serial line (option: 1000BASE-T)
Power Supply 24 V DC (19 - 32 V)
Operating Temperature -32 °C to +70 °C
Dimensions (W x D x H) 256 x 210 x 263 mm
Weight 9.5 kg
Environmental Protection IP 66


* Optionally
Specifications are subject to change without notice. Photo is for illustrative purpose only.