Laser and Radar Irradiation Detection System

LAWAREC - Laser and Radar Irradiation Detection System

LAWAREC is a distributed modular detection system used for the protection of mobile and stationary objects against laser rangefinders, target designators, beamriders and detection of radar waves.

Modular system of detection is primarily aimed at the protection of small and medium-large, mobile objects against observation, recognition by laser and microwave means as well as laser aimed and guided weapon systems.

The system consists of two types of detection modules, which contain either only the laser or a combination of laser and microwave detectors. The modules are connected by a daisy-chain with the central unit using a neuron network, which guarantees system reliability even in the case of partial damage.

The central unit located inside the object processes incoming information from individual modules, evaluates them, and then offers the operator a summary of the laser and radar activities of the enemy. Simultaneously it suggests a solution to the actual situation (like firing smoke grenades) which in semi-automatic mode waits for the operator's confirmation and in automatic mode directly executes the countermeasures to defeat enemy activities.