Modular awareness system

GATRIA Modular Awareness System

GATRIA has been developed to provide commanders of light armored vehicles with the means to achieve complete and continuous situational awareness, which is a key factor in all ground combat situations. This system serves to monitor the vehicle perimeter and detect and identify potential targets. Last but not least, it increases the level of crew protection during dismount.


Key advantages:

+ up to 360˚ view of the battlefield

+ modular design to suit your needs

+ clear and sharp image 24/7

+ reliable crew and vehicle protection

+ ruggedized modules for use under combat conditions


Different tasks require different capabilities and therefore it comes as a great advantage that GATRIA has a modular design and can be custom-built to suit the exact requirements of each individual customer.

The whole system consists of a number of selected sensor modules suitably fitted to the vehicle. It is operated via a ruggedized touch screen terminal which enables the operator to view the individual sensor images. GATRIA uses an Ethernet interface for data transmission and communication between the operator terminal and sensor modules.

The main operator terminal may be complemented with up to two additional terminals and may offer the following functions in addition to image display:


  • "live" panoramic view from the AWIR 33 module,
  • optional setting of the individual module parameters (brightness, contrast, color etc.),
  • blending of images from individual sensor modules,
  • function keys or touch screen to control the operation,
  • motion detection in the individual sensor images,
  • image stabilization.


Each sensor module comprises a combination of sensitive color day cameras and thermal imaging cameras. The latter are equipped with 12µm (or optionally 17µm) uncooled microbolometers with a horizontal resolution of 640 pixels. Day cameras are highly sensitive with Full HD resolution. 

Cameras and other electronic parts are housed in aluminium cases and ruggedized for use on combat vehicles. The mounting scheme and fields of view of various types of sensor modules are carefully designed to allow a complete 360˚ picture of the situation around the combat vehicle.


The following GATRIA modules are available:

  • AWIR 33 – a combination of three day cameras and three thermal imaging cameras. Together, the cameras create a „live“ image with a 140° HFOV horizontal angle of view. It is possible to achieve 360˚ view through fitting at least three of these modules in suitable positions on the vehicle.
  • AWIR 11 – a combination of a color day camera and a thermal imaging camera. FOVs of both cameras are optically matched. The angle of view is 90° HFOV. Special type of this module with 60° HFOV can be used as a driver vision camera.
  • Awir IR – an uncooled thermal imaging camera with 92° HFOV angle of view and horizontal resolution of 640 pixels.
  • Awir D – a day camera with 96° HFOV angle of view.
  • See & Check – a special "AWIR 11-type" module with an integrated pan device. The pan device enables smooth azimuth guidance to ensure continuous monitoring of the vehicle perimeter. Suitable positioning of this module on the vehicle can lower the number of required additional fixed modules, thereby decreasing the cost of the whole system.