Gunner sights

CRANE-SR1G, CRANE-XSR and CRANE-SR Weapon Station Gunner Sight

CRANE-SR1G, CRANE-XSR and CRANE-SR weapon station gunner sight is a multi-sensor electro-optical container developed for integration into remotely controlled weapon stations. This gunner sight is used in short and middle range applications to target objects. Primary it can be used on weapon stations but due its versatility it can also be mounted on armored vehicles, tanks or turrets.

Combination of the sensors inside the container ensures the capability of the system to see in all weather and light conditions. There are three types of sensors – day/night vision and LRF. Day vision is provided by a combination of day and zoom camera with colour and B/W mode for  CRANE-SR1G and for CRANE-XSR it is provided by a zoom camera with colour and B/W mode. For both types night vision is provided by an uncooled thermal camera. Range measurements are performed by an eye safe laser range finder.

The body of the container is ruggedized against vibrations and resistant to all weather conditions. The advantage of the container is its relatively small size. Its dimension is designed to be universal for various combinations of sensors.