Commander Sight

CMS-1 Commander Sight

CMS-1 commander sight is a multi-sensor electro-optical system developed as a stabilized panoramic sight for various weapon stations for wheeled / tracked armored vehicles and infantry fighting vehicles (IFV). All optical sensors are mounted on a gyro-stabilized pan and tilt positioner, allowing a commander to get an overview of the battlefield.

Combination of sensors ensures a capability of the system to see in all weather and light conditions. There are three types of sensors – day channel, night channel and LRF. Day channel is provided by a zoom camera with a color and B/W mode. Night channel is provided by a cooled thermal camera. Range measurements are performed by an eye safe laser rangefinder. All sensors are precisely aligned and fixed to prevent any movements during gunfire.

The body of the container is ruggedized against vibrations and resistant to all weather conditions. The whole system is protected with a Armox shield to prevent damage from an indirect hit and offers ballistic protection Level II in compliance with STANAG 4569 and AEP-55.