Electro-Optical Systems (EOS)

Stationary electro-optical systems (EOS) for surveillance and monitoring applications produced by EVPÚ Defence are highly reliable, have a long lifespan and wide coverage. They provide complete solutions for boundary line protection (various border camera systems), coastal surveillance, vessel traffic monitoring, airports, oil refineries, power plant security and other land missions and flexibly protect against intruders into surveillance areas during both day and night time. Radars, searchlights, day/night cameras, thermal imaging cameras and/or various optical sensors can be integrated to create a reliable 360° surveillance solution for the simultaneous detection, evaluation and tracking of multiple targets over long distances.

These thermal surveillance systems are divided into systems for short observation range (LIRA up to 9.1 km), middle observation range (MIRA up to 14 km), long observation range (SIRIUS up to 25 km) with a choice of radar integration (MIZAR up to 28 km) and fire detection (NAOS).

All surveillance electro optical systems can be tailor-made according to the customer's requirements taking into account many aspects such as enviroment (humidity, seaside, inland usage,...), type of installation (tower, vehicle,…), special technical requirements etc.