In the media: EVPÚ Defence celebrates its 20th anniversary and Golden IDET

The MANTIS remote controlled weapon station by EVPU Defence caught the attention of reporters once again.

The complete article is available here (in Czech):


English translation below:

"Our display includes new products that we are presenting as part of our 20th anniversary celebrations. One of these products is RCWS Mantis which received the Golden IDET 2021 award. However, we also have its smaller version here – RCWS Mantis Mini. While RCWS Mantis can carry a 12,7 mm calibre gun, Mantis Mini is suitable for up to 7,62 mm calibre weapons," says Patrik Hlůšek, EVPÚ Defence’s Commercial Director. 

How do you feel about receiving the Golden IDET award for Mantis and what other products are part of your display?

"We really appreciate getting the award, because there are many other exhibits here which are also interesting. The award is a recognition of the efforts our mechanical designers, hardware and software specialists and many other employees who have worked extremely hard over the past few months. Of course, there are other exhibits worth seeing at our exhibition area, including the Turra 30 or the new Turra 40 turrets."

What is the key concept behind your company?

"We build our business on the quality of our products and maximum flexibility in meeting our customers’ demands. One of the greatest benefits that we are able to offer our customers is the fact that we tailor our products to suit their specific applications, whether that be armored vehicles or, for example, patrol boats."

How many markets do you operate in?

"In answer to this question, we must divide our activities into the civilian security and the defence sectors. In the defence sector, we closely cooperate with the Czech Police, Czech Army, Slovak Army and the armed forces of other NATO countries. In cooperation with Rheinmetall, we supply systems for the Hungarian Army’s armored vehicles. In the security sector, our main markets remain European - with Sweden, United Kingdom or Germany to name a few."

What would you like to see at EVPU Defence within the next 20 years?

"I definitely hope that EVPU Defence will continue to have happy, enthusiastic and motivated employees because in my opinion, this is the base on which our company is built. Such employees are better equipped to successfully complete challenging tasks. Moreover, it brings a good vibe to the company and I would like to keep it this way."

What do you think about the vibe here at the exhibition?

"I must say that we are surprised how many visitors turned up. We were slightly apprehensive following our experience from other exhibitions this year, where the visitor numbers weren’t that high. Of course, we didn’t want to waste the opportunities that our 186 m2 large exhibition area promised! However, it is in fact fantastic, there are big crowds here. Yesterday there were many army delegations, a few generals, the Minister of Defence and the Minister of Interior stopped by – we are very satisfied with the number of visitors."