Specialized Products

Besides its electro-optical devices for civilian use, EVPU Defence also offers a number of products which could serve military purposes.

SeeCheck is a vehicle perimeter protection system that has been installed, for example, on the IVECO LMV 4x4 armored vehicles, LOS-M and Sněžka-M tracked armored reconnaisance vehicles or specialized types of the PANDUR II 8x8 wheeled armored vehicles. 

Other specialized military products include CRANE weapon station gunner sight with a cooled or uncooled thermal cameraCMS-1 thermal commander sight for various remote-controlled weapon stations such as GLADIUS 12 or TURRA 30 turret, and LAWAREC laser and radar irradiation detection system. All of these products are suitable for a wide range of end users and can be installed on different types of wheeled/tracked armored vehicles and infantry fighting vehicles.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Sales of our Specialized Products are subject to export approval from the Czech Republic Licence Office. End User Certificate is required for military or dual-use items.