Mobile Electro-Optical Systems

TEOS Surveillance Trailer with Electro-Optical System

Trailer with its equipment ensures mobile monitoring of the designated area. The unit can work with direct attendance of the operator or remotely from control room. Built-in lifting mechanism allows to extend electronic device (cameras, radar, antennas etc.) more than 10 meters above the terrain.

The standard trailer is equipped with one axle and has an in-service brake with a reversing automatic. The trailer housing is equipped with a series of lockable boxes for transporting the electronic equipment. The hinged mechanism of the telescopic mast is mounted on the center console of the trailer frame. In the transport position, the mast is fixed horizontally. The mast has a clamping plate for quick and simple bayonet fixation of the electro-optical system. A pair of electrically driven linear motors lifts up this mechanism into the working position.

The device is furthermore equipped with its own generator or batteries and is completely independent of the external power supply. At the rear of the trailer there is placed a pull-out slide with board steps to facilitate the assembly of the electronic device onto the mast. At the corners of the trailer are mounted pull-out supports, mechanically locked in the working position, that secure and balance the whole unit.

The mobile monitoring trailer can be transported by a conventional vehicle fitted with a towing device.