New: GEMA B - Pan and Tilt Positioner

versatile dual-axis positioner with an excellent price / performance ratio; payload up to 50 kg

GEMA B is a versatile dual-axis pan and tilt positioner with an excellent price / performance ratio using side arms sensor mounting.

This pan and tilt positioner is specially designed for medium and long distance systems that require azimuth and elevation movement with excellent precision and high angular velocity. GEMA systems have a high load capacity of up to 50 kg.


Range of Movement
Azimuth n x 360°
Elevation +90° to -40°
Angular Speed
Azimuth 0.03 °/s to 120 °/s
Elevation 0.03 °/s to 100 °/s
Accuracy ≤±0.25 mrad
Payload 2 x 20 kg on sides and 10 kg on top
Interface Ethernet TCP/IP or RS-422/485, Pelco D, User defined
Sensor Interface 5× serial lines
Power Supply 24 V DC (18-32 V)
Operating Temperature -32 °C to +70 °C
Dimension (W x D x H) 758 x 241 x 390 mm
Weight max. 20 kg
Env. Protection IP 66
Complies with EN 61000, MIL-STD-810,


Specifications are subject to change without notice.