Mobile Electro-Optical Systems

CEOS Surveillance Container with Electro-Optical System

Container with electro-optical system is used for monitoring, surveillance and controlling of area of interest. It is able to work independently with remote operators´ workstations or more often directly with operators´ workstations located in the container.

The container is equipped with its own generator and it is completely independent of external power supply.

The container consists of a steel frame carrying a technological device. The walls are made of metal sheets, profiles and insulation.

Its advantage is various possibility of transport. In reinforced corners of the roof there are the attachment points for transport under helicopter. The connection of a container with a trailer or vehicle is provided by corner joining nodes (T screws). In the lower part of the frame there are welded holes for easy forklift manipulation. The telescopic jacks are used for setting up (ground leveling) and stability of the container.

The container can be equipped according to the client´s requirements (technical equipment and sensors, toilet, kitchen, sleeping area, …) with respect to dimensions of container. The customer can choose between ISO standards and dimensions according to requirements.