Electro-Optical Systems (EOS)

ALCOR up to 18 km

The Alcor electro-optical surveillance system is a multi-sensor electro-optical system developed as a stabilized panoramic sight for various types of vehicle. All optical sensors are mounted on a gyro-stabilized pan and tilt positioner, allowing the crew to get an overview of the vehicle surroundings.

The combination of sensors ensures the system’s capability to see in all weather and light conditions. There are three types of sensors – day channel, night channel and LRF. Day channel is provided by a zoom camera with a color and B/W mode. Night channel is provided by a cooled thermal imaging camera. Range measurements are performed by an eye safe laser rangefinder.

All sensors are precisely aligned and fixed to prevent any movement caused by shocks and vibrations. The body of the container is ruggedized against vibrations and resistant to all weather conditions.


IR Camera

  Option A  Option B  Option C
Sensor 640 x 512 MCT 640 x 480 InSb  640 x 512 InSb
Sensitivity <25 mK 
FOV 1,8° NFOV; 35,5° WFOV 2,0° NFOV; 10,0° WFOV 1,7° NFOV; 6,8° MFOV; 14,5° WFOV
Zoom Continuous Discrete Discrete

Zoom Camera

Sensor 1/2,8° Exmor CMOS    
Resolution 1080p / 25    
 Zoom 30x optical, 12x digital    
 Sensitivity 0,1 lx    
FOV  1,7° NFOV; 47,8° WFOV    
Laser Range Finder      
 Wavelength 1 550 nm    
Maximum Range 25 000 m    

Pan Tilt

 Azimuth n x 360°    
Elevation +70° až -90°    
 Positioning / stabilization Accuracy <80 µrad    


 Control Interface Ethernet 100 Base T    
 Video Output 1,0 V (p-p), 75 Ω unbalanced    
 Power Supply 24 V DC (18 V - 32 V)    
Environmental Protection IP66    
Operating Temperature -32°C až +55°C    
Storage Temperature -40°C až +60°C    
Dimensions (W x D x H) Option A: 462 x 296 x 523 mm Option B: 462 x 296 x 523 mm Option C: 486 x 296 x 523 mm
  (356 mm above vehicle surface)

System Range Performance



* System range performance depends on actual weather conditions.
Specifications are subject to change without notice. Photo is for illustration purpose only.