Special products - Interview with a research & development specialist at EVPU Defence

Over the almost 20 years of its existence, EVPU Defence has established itself as a powerful player in the market for civilian use electro-optical systems. A few years ago, the company started to expand its core portfolio which now includes a number of products suitable for use in the military sector. The demand for these special products is steadily rising, so we asked Thomas, our research and development specialist, to tell us more about them.

Thomas, can you tell us what led EVPU Defence to turn its attention to the military sector?

Our company saw a great potential in this market segment and we wanted to capitalize on our many years of experience in producing surveillance and monitoring systems.

We are currently seeing a growing interest in the acquisition and modernization of armored combat vehicles. What can EVPU Defence offer in this regard?

To begin with, we produce optical containers which serve as sights for various weapon stations. In addition, we can offer electro-optical systems for vehicle commanders. Last but not least, we are sure that operators will appreciate the security provided by our perimeter protection camera system and drivers will take advantage of the advanced driver assistance features including reversing cameras. A laser irradiation detector which can alert the operator to being targeted by the enemy is also an integral part of ensuring the safety of the crew.

Let´s have a look at the individual products in more detail. It is absolutely crucial for the commander of a combat vehicle to have an immediate and perfect overview of the situation on the battlefield. How does the commander sight CMS-1 make it possible? How can other devices, such as the LAWAREC laser and irradiation detector, be of use?

The CMS-1 panoramic commander sight gives the commander the all-important overview of the combat situation around the vehicle. The ability to operate independently of the gunner allows the commander to track other targets, dynamically evaluate potential threats and change mission priorities as needed.

If a LAWAREC alarm sounds in the vehicle cab indicating that the enemy is targeting the vehicle, either the operator or the system itself are able to launch smoke grenades in the detected direction to prevent the enemy from attacking the vehicle.

Combat use creates greater demands on the equipment lifespan and durability in the face of harsh external conditions. How did you solve this issue in the cases of CMS-1 commander sight and CRANE gunner sights?

Both products are carefully designed to minimize the risk of damage to the sensors that serve as the "eyes" of the crew in combat. In addition, most of the commander sight surface is covered by a special layer of armour that meets the ballistic protection level 1.

EVPU Defence also offers an awareness system called SeeCheck, which is designed to monitor and protect close surroundings of a vehicle during the crew´s dismount. What does this system include and what are its main advantages?

The system consists of a set of cameras that are suitably located around the perimeter of the vehicle. These cameras can be stationary or placed on controllable swivel bases and can be paired together to ensure day and night vision. An integral part of the awareness system is its control software which allows the operator to display images from individual cameras, control the cameras´s positioning and use advanced image processing technology, such as the fusion of the day and night channels. This technology enables the operator to detect an otherwise undetectable enemy hidden in the shadow while at the same time maintaining the advantage of the day camera´s color image.

How do you see the role of the military sector in the future development of EVPU Defence?

As you can see from our ever-growing portfolio, there is an increasing interest in products that are suitable for military use and, in my opinion, this trend is likely to intensify. EVPU Defence will continue to offer maximum flexibility to its customers from both the civil and military sectors and strive to find the optimal solution for a diverse range of projects through the research and development work we do in our department.

Thank you, Thomas, for an interesting talk and we wish you good luck in tackling the challenges of researching and developing our tailor-made solutions!