FOREST EYE Electro-Optical System for Fire Detection up to 16 km

Fire detection and alarm system, protection against fire through an early detection up to 16 km

FOREST EYE system offers a unique solution for effective and fast fire management. This system enables fire detection at the beginning and thus the ability to localise it and prevent the further spread of fire.

This system is a special modification of a stationary and mobile version of electro-optical surveillance systems provided by EVPU Defence a.s. It can be placed on masts, towers or other elevated places. Apart from the above mentioned usage, it can be used also as one part of the complex solution of protection of the areas of interest, such as border areas, military bases, airports and harbours. Due to its capabilities, it can be applied not only to the military and police applications, but also in the civil sector.

Important part of this system is special software enabling fast and effective fire detection. The principle of the detection is based on the work with isotherms, which are optional sections in the thermal imaging display. Whilst monitored they have the same temperature range. The temperature range and the limits for the monitored area are defined by the operator pursuant to the specific needs and nature of the monitored area.

The picture from the thermal imaging camera is transferred into an evaluation computer and with the help of the software it is transferred into greyscale. The fire alarm is launched when the temperature specified by the isotherm, exceeds the operator´s pre-defined temperature limits for particular amount of monitored locations. The visual alarm can be accompanied by a sound signal as well.

At the request of the customer, the company EVPU Defence s.r.o. is able to supply the “FOREST EYE” system with various types of cameras and provide the fire detection up to the distance of about 16 kilometres.

Forest fire detection
Urban areas
Waste dumps
Storage areas of flammable materials
Wooden structures

Automatic fire / smoke detection
Long detection
Automatic Alarm through SMS
Detection in darkness and bad visibility conditions 24/7
High reliability system

Combination of CCD and IR cameras
Real time video
Detection based on Thermal Imaging
Smoke detection analytics based on CCD video
High precision Pan Tilt positioner
360° fast scanning
User-friendly control software
Remote control of Pan and Tilt positioner