Productos especiales

Besides standard civil electro-optical equipment, EVPÚ Defence offers several products that have a capability to be used in military range of products as well.

The systems such as SeeCheck for vehicle perimeter protection installed eg. on Iveco LMV 4x4 armored vehicles, LOS-M a Sněžka-M tracked armored reconnaissance and observation vehicles or communications and command and control versions of PANDUR II 8x8 wheeled armored vehicles, CRANE weapon station gunner sight with cooled or uncooled thermal cameraCMS-1 thermal commander sight for various weapon stations (eg. GLADIUS 12 for LOV CBRN vehicles or TURRA 30 turret), LAWAREC laser and radar irradiation detection system are successfully used by wide range of end customers in all sort of wheeled / tracked armored vehicles and infantry fighting vehicles (IFV).

IMPORTANT: Sale of Specialized Products is subject to export approval from Czech Republic licence office and End-user certificate for military or dual-use items is requested.

IMPORTANTE: La venta de productos especiales está sujeta a la aprobación de autoridades de la República Checa y se solicite un certificado de usuario final.