Monitoring and surveillance systems

Lifting mechanism

Special design of electro-mechanical lifting mechanism is developed especially for surveillance electro-optical systems. It is stable and light weight solution determinates for various type of vehicle installation with possibility of emergency-manual control. Other features as follows:

  • payload up 100 kg
  • wide operating temperature range
  • variable height
  • binary logic control via control board
  • easy maintainability
  • anodized aluminium alloy finish
  • self- locking mechanism


Lifting mechanism
up to 62 kg *
Extended height
up to 3000 mm from car floor*
Retracted height
up to 1850 mm from car floor*
up to 100 kg
Erection velocity
< 1 m / 12 s
Power supply
24 V/ max. 45 A, nominal <15 A
Operating temp.
-32°C up to +55°C
* according to requirements and possibilities of installation

Specifications are subject to change without notice.