Monitoring and surveillance systems


  • GPS - DEF 30 module - Global Positioning System containing PCB receiver module and an antenna can be implemented in the system. It is designed with sophisticated satellite technology to locate and track any position in real time. The process results are displayed on user´s monitor. The antenna of the GPS - DEF 30 is situated on a vehicle roof.

  • DMC - Digital Magnetic Compass is used as north finder. It is solid state sensor module providing azimuth and elevation angles.

  • LRF - Laser Range Finder placed in ruggedized housing is eye-safe modular laser range finder specially developed for mobile and stationary observation systems. Range of measurement is from 80 m to 20 km depending on weather conditions and target characteristics. The measuring accuracy is +/- 10 m. LRF is highly rugged and sealed against rain, sand, dust and corrosion. It is able to operate in wide range of temperature from -32°C to +65°C. The system is tested accordance with military standard MIL-STD-810. Surface coating allows usage for the coastal and marine applications.

  • system and sensor cables designed for specific devices

  • seismic systems


    Specifications are subject to change without notice. Photo is for illustrative purpose only.