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Products END-OF-LIFE announcement

We hereby announce that products Camera SUMO-D32 with lens 10-320mm, Camera SUMO-D32B with lens 15,6-500mm, Camera SUMO-HD32 with lens 10-320mm will not be offered anymore from reason of unavailability of lens and analog components of cameras. We recommend a transition to our wide choice of new cameras that are later generation products and provide better performance and more features. These recommended cameras has HD-SDI video signal, which cannot be transmitted using Pan/Tilt with analog video lines. We recommend transition to Systems, which include Pan/Tilt with HD-SDI input/output interface or HD-SDI input and streamer output.

SERVICE AND SUPPORT: END-OF-LIFE products above will be supported by EVPÚ Defence a.s. during the next 5 years.

Customers and sales partners concerned about the impact of this product change to their projects should discuss appropriate strategies with their EVPÚ Defence a.s. development manager.